Am zis sa ne mai destindem si cum suntem un blog dedicat jocurilor de societate, am zis sa adun cateva bancuri/glume legate de boardgames. Normal, sunt in engleza, noi romanii avem bancuri cu Alinuta sau Bula 😀 .

Sa incepem zic, nu avea rost sa le traduc, isi pierdeau din farmec:

A red meeple meets a green meeple near the Abbey of Carcassonne and they start a friendly chatting. Suddenly, a white meeple walks around them near the farm.
– Have you seen that? – said the red meeple -. There’s no white meeples in Carcassone… I think…
– Don’t worry. It’s MEEPLE JACKSON. He used to be black…


A man calls in an order to Funagain customer service and says:

“I want Starcraft, Power Grid and Twilight Struggle, but I want one to go to the wrong address, one to be replaced by a game I don’t like, and one to be dented and dinged on every corner.”

The representative says, “Sir, we can’t really do that sort of thing.”

The man says, “Why not? You did it last month….”


How many gamers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One, but only if that role is not already taken.


What is the difference between Monopoly and Caylus?

Caylus is a game.


How do you know the Valentine’s day card you just received was sent by a gamer?
It is sleeved.


Q : A Monopoly player, a Stratego player and a Cluedo player jumps of the Empire state building.
Who will hit the ground first ?

A : Who cares ?


Q: The type of women most likely to date boardgame geeks?
A: Settlers


A cute girl was working a cash register. She’s naming the items aloud as she scans them “Axis and Allies”..“Doom”… “Star Craft”… and so on. Finally, when she is finished, she hand the young man his receipt and says:
“You’re single aren’t you?”
The young man excitedly responds “Yeah! How did you know!?” .
The young lady replies, “Because you’re f*cking ugly”.

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