MTG25Red Goblin is organizing an MTG international event so all the details will be in English. Since also Magic: The Gathering is a english based game, at least the version played in Romania, we hope it will not be a problem since all the announcements and rule details will be in English.

So, without further notice:

Name: Magic Transylvania Tournament
Organizer: Red Goblin
Date: May 24-25 2014
Format: Standard
Tournament Location: Cluj Napoca,
Registration: 33 Euro / 149 Lei
Preregistration: (available in a few days)
On-site registration: Thursday and Friday, May 22-23.
There will be no on-site registration on Saturday, May 24 (for the main event)

Entry at Magic Transylvania Tournament is free of charge but not to TIG Convention.

Welcome to Magic Transylvania Tournament at TIG Convention in Cluj Napoca. Red Goblin welcomes you to Cluj Napoca City in Romania the biggest and best University town in Transylvania. It is a town full of young and bright students that know how to enjoy life and party. It is a town with old traditions were people of different origins in terms of culture and country of origin mingle, are friends and are welcome.
This is the first event of this size in Romania and one of the few in Eastern Europe. So do not forget to preregister early. On-site registration is possible on Thursday and Friday but we can not guaranty availability at that moment.

The Magic Transylvania Tournament is a great reason to step up your game, catch up with old friends, meet some new ones, and play Magic. Magic Transylvania Tournament is world-wide open event that allow all Magic players to participate and experience the thrill of a large-scale competition over two days. In addition to cash prizes and a high Planeswalker Points multiplier, Magic Transylvania Tournament will offer on-spot MTG side events of all formats. Since this event takes place at TIG convention many other types of card game or board game events and contest will be available.

Tournament Format and Schedule

Format: Standard
Type: Wizard premium event (x3 multiplier)
Participation Fee: 33 Euro / 149 Lei

Registration and Schedule
Online registration until 24:00 Wednesday, May 21.(available in a few days)
On site registration Thursday and Friday, May 22-23
Saturday, May 24 Magic Transylvania Tournament begins at 10:00
Sunday, May 25 begins at 10:00
Registration to the Magic Transylvania Tournament main event closes Friday. There will be no Saturday registration for the main event.
The event at Transylvania International Game Convention is open to Magic: The Gathering players of all ages.

Tournament Format
Standard Constructed
Deck lists are required.
Players must use the same deck on Day Two that they used on Day One.

Tournament Structure
Modified Swiss-style (50-minute rounds).
Day One will consist of a maximum of 8 Swiss rounds.
Day Two will consist of Top 8 single-elimination finals(3 rounds).
The Top 8 players after the final Swiss round of Day one advance on Day Two to the Top 8 single-elimination finals.
Top 8 matches will be best 2 of 3.
Top 8 matches will have no time limit. (Players are still expected to play at a normal pace and complete playoff matches in a reasonable amount of time.)
Standings after the Swiss rounds will be used to determine final order in the standings for losing players in the quarterfinal and semifinal playoff rounds.
For the first game of each match in the Top 8, the player that finished higher in the Swiss rounds chooses either to play first or to play second. For subsequent games in each Top 8 match, the usual Play/Draw rule applies (loser of the previous game decides whether to play first in the next game).

Mircea PIENAR level 2 judge. He will form the judge team necessary for the event. More details available soon.

Planeswalker Points multiplier x3,
Day One Rules Enforcement Level (REL): Competitive
Day Two Rules Enforcement Level (REL): Professional
The Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules and the Magic: The Gathering Infraction Procedure Guide are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this Format Document. Rules documents can be found in the MagicDocument Center.
Players are responsible for bringing their own method of tracking life totals, card sleeves, and appropriate counters or tokens.

1st place: 1000 euro
2nd place: 500 euro
3rd place: 300 euro
4th place: 200 euro
5-8th place: 100 euro

9-16th place*: 50 euro
*If attendance is at least 128 participants, prize money will be paid out to 16th place.

Side Events
Along with the main event, there are additional side-event tournaments to play in at TIG Convention. All side events will have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of x3(may be revised). Side events will be organized on the spot according to demand. Side events may be proposed by players or organizer. Come back for more details.

Travel Information and accommodation

by Airplain
If you plan to travel to Cluj Napoca(CLJ airport) by air you will find more info on Cluj Napoca International Airport web page

by Train
If you plan to travel to Cluj Napoca by railroad you will find more info on The Train Line Europe

by Taxi
If you have just arrived and are in search for a taxi you can find here a list of companies

by Public Transport
If you have just arrived and are in search of cheaper ways of traveling inside teh city use RATUC public transport. More info here. Serch for details for buses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 30 and 46B.

Accommodation options
Accommodation prices and directions on TIG Convetion Web page

Contact Information
Tournament Organizer: Red Goblin
Phone Number: +40 364 11 22 33

Venue Address
TIG – Transylvania International Game Convention
Expo Transylvania
Str. Aurel Vlai 400690
Cluj Napoca, Romania