Impreuna cu cei din comunitatea vom petrece acest weekend in Moeciu. Care este scopul deplasarii? Doua zile si 2 nopti de board games, distractie si voie buna. O sa fim aproximativ 26 de oameni.

Pe lista celor 48 de  jocuri cerute si vor fi aduse avem: Twilight Struggle, Through the Ages, Memoir44 + Campaign Book vol 1, Mr. Jack, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Puerto Rico, Roma, Civitas, animale Agricola, Dunwich Horror, Innsmouth Horror, 3 Dominioane, Arkham Horror, Dixit 1, Small World, Tomb: Cryptmaster, Call of Cthulhu -LCG,  A Game of Thrones BG, Le Havre, Tikal,Agricola + Farmers of the Moor, Conflict of Heroes, Auf Achse, 1960 – Making of the President, Power Grid, Imperial, Fluxx, Race for the Galaxy, Carcassonne, Gloom, Stone Age, Dungeon Lords, Railroad Tycoon, Axis and Allies, Steam, Magic TGC, Settlers of Catan, Samurai, BattleLine, Runewars, Buzzit, Werewolves, Endeavor, Antike, Mystery Express, Shipyard, Cyclades, Tigris and Euphrates, Mow, Ricochet Robots, Blokus, Dixit 2 ....

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